A Journey of a Lifetime: Religious Zionist Leaders Find Connection and Meaning in New York and Metrowest New Jersey

The 15 Religious Zionist influencers participating in our “From Tribalism To Solidarity” program recently returned from a week-long intensive journey to the heart of the American Jewish communities of New York and Metrowest New Jersey, where they met a totally different side of the Jewish people.

Political Possibilities: Mapping a Common Good Majority

Results and conclusions from Shaharit’s five-year long survey project, including surveys of the general population, Haredim, Mizrahim, and Arab Citizens of Israel. 

Shaharit’s Senior Fellows Program Opens

Bringing together ten thought leaders from across Israel’s diverse communities, our senior fellows will work together to build a powerful intellectual voice for the common good

Dr. Eilon Schwartz Speaks at Schusterman Center for Israel Studies at Brandeis University

Click here to see highlights from Dr. Eilon Schwartz’s lecture at Brandeis University about nurturing a politics of the common good in Israel.

100 Days of the Common Good – Local Elections Conference

On Sunday, July 8th, over 350 activists, organizing leaders and political candidates from more than 75 towns and cities across Israel – from Kiryat Shmona to Dimona, Rahat to Beit Shemesh, and Rosh Ha’ayin to Sakhnin – joined together for Shaharit’s Local Elections Conference.

Dr. Eilon Schwartz’s Opening Remarks from the Shaharit Local Elections Conference

It started with an intuition. It was six months after the social protests of summer 2011. We at Shaharit spent nearly every evening in a tent city in a different location – in Kiryat Ono, in Yeruham, in Haifa, Jerusalem, … Continued

Shaharit’s Conference on the Economics of Populism

On Thursday and Friday, June 7th and 8th, Shaharit, in concert with the Van Leer Institute, held an international workshop entitled “Towards a Populist Class-Based Political Economy.” The seminar, featuring academics from the UK and Turkey, was attended by more … Continued

Shaharit Spring Update

Over the first three months of 2018, Shaharit’s intellectual, leadership development, and local grassroots work has grown by leaps and bounds. Here are some highlights of our activities thus far this year.

The 120 in Morocco

The Fourth Cohort of Shaharit’s groundbreaking 120 program for Rising Multicultural National Political Leadership recently returned from an eight day journey to Morocco, exploring Jewish-Muslim/Arab and majority-minority relations, and learning and experiencing the complexities and tensions of religion and state, tradition and progress, and government and civil society from a uniquely Middle Eastern perspective.

From Kiryat Shmona to Eilat, Putting the Common Good on the Map

In the lead-up to the 2018 municipal elections, Shaharit is putting the common good agenda on the map, partnering with, initiatives, potential city council candidates, and civic organizations from dozens of cities across Israel to promote policies that benefit all residents.