Shaharit’s Senior Fellows Program Opens

Bringing together ten thought leaders from across Israel’s diverse communities, our senior fellows will work together to build a powerful intellectual voice for the common good

The Political Economy of Contemporary Populism

Our academic working group exploring the economics of contemporary populism is a joint project of the Van Leer Institute and Shaharit. The group is led by Shaharit Senior Fellow Ofer Sitbon, CEO Dr. Eilon Schwartz, and Ben Gurion University Professor … Continued

Partnership with the Van Leer Institute

Since Fall 2017, Shaharit has been working closely with the Jerusalem-based Van Leer Institute in an ever-growing partnership exploring the future of Israeli liberalism and its consequences on academia. This group serves as a continuation of our working group on the … Continued

The Future of Israeli Liberalism

Our founding academic group, hosted by Professors Nissim Mizrachi and Menachem Mautner of Tel Aviv University, explores the problematic place of liberal values in Israel today. A group of 25 professors, post-doctoral students, and doctoral candidates consider why so many … Continued