From Tribalism to Solidarity

Out of a commitment to identify and network emerging leaders from deep within the Religious Zionist community who seek to connect outside of their “bubble” to build a shared future, and out of a firm conviction that this community is key to the future of Israeli democracy and to a respectful and inclusive Jewish future, Shaharit and Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah are partnering to form a multi-year leadership circle of religious leaders, educators, and media professionals. We are bringing together multiple year-long cohorts of 15 leading figures in the Religious Zionist community between the ages of 35-50 – one-half of whom will be women and one-half men – to meet and engage with the “other” tribes that make up Jewish and Israeli society. Our guiding principle is to widen the scope of the sense of responsibility among Religious Zionist leaders and to expand the concept of the “Jewish people,” a central theme in this sector’s ideology, to include not just the roughly fifty percent of Jews living in the State of Israel, but also the fifty percent who live in the Diaspora.

The project is based on the expertise of Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah in working for tolerance, equality, and justice from within the Religious Zionist community, and is a continuation of two pilot cohorts of Shaharit’s religious Zionist leadership group “From Sectarianism to Solidarity.”