Four by 120!

On May 23rd, the “cohort of cohorts” of Shaharit’s 120 program for emerging multicultural political leaders came together for a an open and honest conversation with four influential political leaders: Avi Gabai, Moshe Feiglin, Orly Levy-Abukasis, and Rachel Azaria, during which they talked about about the leaders’ personal journeys into the political system and had a candid discussion about the nature of Israeli politics.

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Basic Income – Dr. Lia Ettinger and Dr. Ofer Sitbon

What would happen if, instead of putting the revenues from natural gas and other natural resources—which are estimated at hundreds of billions of sheqels—into the State coffers, they were paid out directly to every citizen on a monthly basis? Just imagine that you got money from the government, say NIS 3,000, every month. How would this income affect our economy? Would people work less? Maybe it would even lead to economic growth.

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Saharia in the Negev Conference

The conference was attended by about 60 people and many reporters for local Negev media outlets. In the words of Dr. Muhammad al-Nabari, the head of the Hura local council, “Don’t just say that the government and local authorities aren’t helping. Get up, step out of the box, and do something to make things better for yourself in the South. Be part of the change you wish to see.”

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