Shaharit’s Community Organizing Initiative

A new initiative to promote the Common Good in cities and towns across the country. We have just begun training for the first four community organizers who are beginning work as part of a unique program in our Local Politics project in four cities: Jerusalem, Ashdod, Tirat Carmel, and Rehovot.

This program is based on the successful model that is in place in several cities in the United States, which we have tailored to the Israeli context. The work model generates fosters in-depth local social-change efforts, promotes the Common Good between varied communities in the city, and sets in motion a long-term process to build a local power base that can make a difference on the national level, too. The four organizers are in the first stages of their training; later on they will be joined by organizers from other cities. We will also hold a nationwide training session for people who want to develop tools for community organizing.

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