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Articles 2016

Dr. Eilon Schwartz (Shaharit’s director), “A Democracy of the Common Good” (Makor Rishon Weekend Magazine; June 24, 2016)

Drs. Ofer Sitbon and Lia Ettinger (Shaharit Fellows), “The Separatists are Wrong: A Brexit will Harm Britain’s Economy” (nrg; June 22, 2016)

Dr. Ofer Sitbon (Shaharit Fellow), “Residents of the ‘Jungle’ Don’t Want to Live in the ‘Garden‘” (Haaretz; June 12, 2016)

On Rami Sadan and “Masouda from Sderot” Interview with Dr Gali Sembira (head of the “120” program) by Gal Gabay (Channel 2; June 9, 2016)

The Swiss Referendum: Will the Government Give Everyone a Basic Income?” Interview with Dr. Ofer Sitbon (Shaharit Fellow) by Lucy Aharish (Channel 2; June 6, 2016)

Racheli Ibenboim, “Honorable Jerusalem Residents” (Maariv; June 5, 2016)

Interview with Nazier Magally (Shaharit Fellow) on Israel 2048: A Place for Hope with Keren Neubach (Reshet Bet June 2, 2016)

Naama Lansky, “The Core is Boiling” (Interview with Rabbi Bezalel Cohen, Chair of Shaharit’s board) (Yisrael Hayom; May 27, 2016)

Interview with Nazier Magally (Shaharit Fellow) on Israel 2048: A Place for Hope (link to document) with Gal Gabay (Educational Television)

Interview with journalist Ron Cahlili on Mizrahim and the Holocaust as an arbiter of Israeliness (Galei Yisrael; May 4, 2016)

What is the Place of Mizrahim in Discussion of the Holocaust?” Interview with Sagit Peretz-Deri (“120”) (Channel 1; May 3, 2016)

Zvika Klein, “In Morocco We Upgraded the Jewish State” (Makor Rishon; April 22, 2016)

Of Four Daughters” Interview with four women from the “120” program (Estee Rieder-Indursky, Kasa Getoo, Liat Malca, and Zeinab abu Sweid) by Keren Neubach (Reshet Bet; April 20, 2016)

What is Jewish-Arab Identity? Does It Have a Place in Israeli Society?” Interview with Yael Gidanyan (social activist and “120” staff) by Erel Segal (begins at 40:00) (Galatz; April 12, 2016)

Even in the Southern Periphery, the Sweet Dream of an Apartment is Only Growing More Distant” (with an interview with Shaharit Civic Capital Program coordinator Yaniv Cackon) (Yediot South; April 12, 2016)

Ron Gerlitz (“120”), “How a Trip to Morocco can Teach Us about Coexistence in Israel” (Sicha Mekomit; April 9, 2016)

Gal Gabay interviews Dr. Ofer Sitbon on Basic Income on her program “Making Order” (Educational Television; April 6, 2016)

Interview with Dr. Ofer Sitbon and Orit-Claire Arazi on “Orly and Guy” (Channel 10; April 3, 2016)

Carmit Sapir Weitz, “Women Blazing a Trail into Religious Councils” (contains an interview with “120” fellow Liat Malca), (Maariv; March 28, 2016)

Carmit Sapir Weitz, “Scroll of Independece: On Women Reading Esther” (with comments from Channa Pinchasi and Tehila Friedman Nachalon), (Maariv; March 23, 2016)

Avri Gilad and Hila Korach interview Dr. Ofer Sitbon and journalist Neta Achituv on Basic Income on “The World This Morning” (Channel 2; March 6, 2016)

Interview with “120” fellows Avi Asaban and Muhamad Alamour disucssing the national culture budget on Keren Neubach’s “Public Agenda” program (Reshet Bet; March 3, 2016)

Interview with Shaharit board chair Bezalel Cohen on Army Radio’s “Economic Program” (Galatz; March 2, 2016)

Interview with Shaharit Fellow Dr. Ofer Sitbon on Basic Income and discussion with the Globes economic columnist (Reshet Bet, “All Talk [HaKol Dibburim]”; February 28, 2016)

Interview with Shaharit Fellow Dr. Ofer Sitbon on Basic Income (Kol Hai Radio)

Why Shouldn’t the State Give Its Citizens a Basic Income? Interview with Dr. Ofer Sitbon and Dr. Lia Ettinger (Haaretz weekend magazine; February 26, 2016)

Interview with Racheli Ibenboim (head of Shaharit’s haredi program) and Samer Sweid (head of the Arab Center for Alternative Planning) on Keren Neubach’s “Public Agenda” program (Reshet Bet; February 18, 2016)

Organizing a Community [On the “120” group’s visit to Ashdod] (AshdodNet; February 16, 2016)

Interview with Zvika Aran (“120” fellow) (Radio Darom; February 14, 2016)

Dr. Ofer Sitbon, “Unbearable Gaps” (Globes; February 10, 2016)

Very Quietly, Under the Radar, a New Generation of Haredi Politicians is Growing” (Mesubin; February 9, 2016)

Avigdor Rabinovitch, “Working, Enlisting, and Searching for an Identity: The New Haredim” (Ynet; February 9, 2016)

Arthur Shani (“120” fellow), “120 Opportunities for Change” (Mesubin; February 9, 2016)

Estee Rieder-Indursky, “Hello, Chris Rock” (Ynet; February 3, 2016)

Dr. Ofer Sitbon, “Before the Drizzle of Boycotts becomes a Flood” (Haaretz; February 2, 2016)

Dr. Ariel Picard (Shaharit board member), “The Dilemma of the Kashruth Observer in the Restaurant Car and the Train Engineer” (nrg and Makor Rishon; January 25, 2016)

Rabbi Bezalel Cohen (Shaharit board chair), “The Renewal of the Haredi Community” (Aguda Achat; January 20, 2016)

Avigdor Rabinovitch (“120” fellow), “Don’t Call Us ‘New’; We’re Israeli Haredim” (nrg; January 14, 2016)

Articles 2015

“A Point of Light”: Articles for Hanukah on Reasons for Optimism in Israeli Society

Dr. Chana Pinchasi, “Not Grecophiles and not Apologetic” (Ynet; December 7, 2015)

Dr. Lia Ettinger and Dr. Ofer Sitbon, “The Group is Better than One” (Ynet; December 8, 2015)

Rabbi Bezalel Cohen, “If We are not for Ourselves, Who is?” (Ynet; December 9, 2015)

“What Will Replace Israeli Liberalism?” Conference

Prof. Manny Mautner, Interview on “How the State Found Itself in a Dangerous Intersection” (Globes; November 7, 2015)

Dr. Eilon Schwartz, radio interview on Galei Yisrael (October 30, 2015)

Prof. Nissim Mizrachi, television interview on Channel One’s Tonight at Six (interview starts at 28:46)

Prof. Nissim Mizrachi and Gili Rei, television interview on Educational Television’s Making Order

Opinion Articles and Commentary

Tehila Nachalon-Friedman, “Shaping Shabbat Together” (Ynet; December 23, 2015)

Dr. Chana Pinchasi and Racheli Ibenboim, Interview on Haredi women in the 21st century on “HaKol Dibburim [All Talk]” (Interview begins at 1:31:00) (Reshet Bet; December 21, 2015)

Miri Shalem, “Right-wing, but the Opposite” (Makor Rishon; December 18, 2015)

Sagit Peretz-Deri, Interview on “Six with Oded Ben Ami” (item begins at 13:30; interview begins at 16:20) (Channel 2; November 30, 2015)

 Dr. Ofer Sitbon, Interview on the connection between the global economy and ISIS, on “A Quarter to” (Interview begins at 6:16) (GLZ; November 18, 2015)

Avi Asaban and Huda Abu Obeid, Interview on their participation in Shaharit’s “120” program, on “Time for Politics” (All for Peace Radio; November 8, 2015)

Tehila Nachalon-Friedman, “We Need a Fast Day on the Anniversary of Yitzhak Rabin’s Assassination” (Ynet; October 25, 2015)

Racheli Ibenboim, “A Mindset of Exile” (Makor Rishon and nrg; October 22, 2015)

Tehila Nachalon-Friedman, “We Won’t Vanish; Neither Will You–Just Jerusalem Will Vanish” (nrg; October 21, 2015)

Eilon Schwartz, “Who by Water and Who by Fire” (Ynet; September 15, 2015)

Arthur Shani, “Don’t Harm Students, Especially not Those Worse Off” (Ynet; September 4, 2015)

Racheli Ibenboim, “The Real Challenge of Haredi Education” (Makor Rishon and nrg; August 28, 2015)

Bezalel Cohen, “Does our Attitude Towards Secular Studies Glorify Torah Study?” (BeHadrei Haredim; August 21, 2015)

Bezalel Cohen, “They’re Wrong, but They Still Insist on Blaming Us” (BeHadrei Haredim; August 7, 2015)

Tehila Nachalon-Friedman, “Stop the Denial: Zealotry is Rooted in the Torah” (August 4, 2015)

David Menachem, Interview on Shira Banki murder by Avri Gilad and Sharon Kantor on “Nuclear Family” (glz; August 2, 2015), Item begins at 6:51.

Ariel Picard, “Biblical Justice in a Modern Economy” (Makor Rishon Weekend Magazine; July 31, 2015)

Racheli Ibenboim, “A Necessary Part of the Jewish Mix” (nrg; July 26, 2015)

Bezalel Cohen, “A Respectful Argument, not a Conversation of the Deaf” (BeHadrei Haredim; July 17, 2015)

Ofer Sitbon, “Four Years After the Social Protest, We’re Beginning to See Change” (nrg; July 15, 2015)

News Articles

Obama’s Advisor in a Meeting with the Ashdodim Movement, ‘Local Government is Trying to Separate and Divide Communities so They will have Less Power‘” (AshdodNet; August 6, 2015)

Elections 2015

Lia Ettinger, “Where is the Money?” (Ynet; January 14, 2015)

Nazier Magally, “The Right of Partnership” (Yedioth Ahronoth; January 25, 2015) published in both Hebrew and Arabic

Nazier Magally, “The Joint Arab List Misses the Point” (nrg; January, 29, 2015)

Estee Rieder-Indursky, “Campaigning for Change without Utter Rejection at Home” (ynet; February 28, 2015)

Dr. Channa Pinchasi, “Maybe it Really Is Time to Replace ‘HaTikva’?” (nrg; February 26, 2015)

Dr. Ofer Sitbon, “An Economics of Solidarity” (ynet; March 6, 2015)

Participants from Shaharit’s “120” program on Channel 10 discussing “The Mizrahi Issue Goes to the Polls” (TV Channel 10; March 1, 2015)

Mako covers Shaharit’s election campaign, “The voices are different, the message stayed the same” (Mako; March 4, 2015)

שחרית בחירות 2015

What are these elections about, anyway? How can we step out of the homogeneous bubbles, incitement, and divisions and embrace a politics that brings people together in a search for real solutions? Dr. Channa Pinchasi (Shaharit Fellow) and Randa Haj-Yahya (coordinator of Saharia) address these questions in a conversation with Keren Neubach (Reshet Bet; March 9, 2015–the interviews begin at 1:09:16)

Articles leading up to the 2014 Shaharit Conference

“Improving Israel,” a special series on Ynet (Hebrew):

Interview with Nazier Magally on “HaKol Dibburim [All Talk]” (Kol Israel – Reshet Bet; Hebrew; October 28, 2014)


New Politics,” on Shaharit’s “120” program (Maariv weekend magazine; Hebrew; October 31, 2014)

“The Public Agenda”: A prime-time radio hour with the women of Shaharit and Keren Neubach (Kol Israel – Reshet Bet; Hebrew; November 2, 2014)

  1. Estie Reider
  2. Carmen Elmakiyes Amos
  3. Randa Hajj-Yahya
  4. Dr. Channa Pinchasi

 News Items (Hebrew)

Opinion Pieces (Hebrew)

Articles Leading up to the 2013 Elections  (Hebrew)

Shaharit’s series of articles and videos in advance of the October 2013 local elections (in collaboration with MyNet).