Israel 2048

Noah Efron, Nazier Magally and Shaharit Fellows

Israel is a place of contradictions. For many Jews, Israel is a dream fulfilled: a national homeand a place of their own. It is also a homeland for Palestinians who also seek a state of their own.

Thriving Communities

By Ofer Sitbon, Eilon Schwartz, and Shaharit Fellows

At the juncture between the individual and his or her freedom and the state and its responsibilities, lies the community.

An Economy with a Human Face

Lia Ettinger and Shaharit Fellows

In the Israeli discourse, economic policy usually concerns things that can be quantified and given a price tag.

The Value of Culture

By Channa Pinchasi, Eilon Schwartz, and Shaharit Fellows

Israeli society is seen as being shot through with countless fissures, that threaten to tear the country to pieces