Our Vision

Israel is a deeply fragmented and polarized country, but many see it only through this prism: “the secular and the Ultra-Orthodox are at war, the right-wing and the left-wing are constantly at loggerheads, Israeli Arabs are on the one hand discriminated against and on the other want nothing to do with Israel as a Jewish state,” and so on.

While there is some truth in all of these statements, there is another, different story under the radar: a nascent movement of Israelis from different communities who are turning their faces toward, not away from, each other.

Shaharit is a home for these Israeli movements. Our Ultra-Orthodox and secular activists talk together about how to make educational and religious policies for the common good; our Israeli-Arab and religious Zionist activists work on new approaches to Israel as a state with both a Jewish and democratic identity; our Mizrahi and Ashkenazi activists collaborate on innovative cultural models that draw from a diverse set of traditions and narratives.

Our vision is of an Israeli society where difference does not mean divisiveness, and where the interplay between multiple ethnic, religious and social identities is Israel’s greatest source of strength.

Want to see more about our vision? Check out this video: